Mama’s having some work done–just a little nip & tuck

While visiting home ( TX) I stopped by my every loving mom’s to catch up & to get criticized( that’s what she likes to do best). On this “delightful” trip my mom decided to reminisce about how healthy and toned I ” use to be” back in the day.Yes believe it or not I use to be a very fit & fine mama back in the day but hey that was the 19 year old with no kids me not the 30+ year old with 4 kids and a LIFE me. While alot of the time when my mom talks , it’s hurtful, this one time it was helpful. The truth is that I agree with my mom, I did use to be really active and fit before kids and even though I’m sure I have TONS of excuses I can throw out why that has changed, the bottom line is that it’s really NO excuse.

So this mama is about to do a little Nip & Tuck  (naturally).  Last night my ” handy dandy live in personal trainer” worked me up this wonderful new workout that fits my needs, my time ti and my goals that consist of exercises,  a meal plan and a tracking system to keep me working towards my ultimate goal– to be a new fit & healthy 30+ mama!

Here’s a little peep at what I did the 1st day:

Ate a small energy filled snack:

Took before workout  supplement: Prolong– helps feeds your body during workout

Only equipment needed for today:

Workout was a total of 1 hr ( at home – which I love!) and this how I looked afterwards ( please don’t judge me, I was tired as hell

and then drank lots of water and took the rest of my supplements: Super Aminos— helps rebuild muscle and fight sworness and Rebuild Endurance– helps rebuild everything you used during workout–

Supplements found here

So ladies stay posted and watch me work through my mama transformation ( by Nexlegacy Performance ) :)– there will be tips, tricks and pics along my 90 day journey!

Before pics posted on Friday–


Staying connected

The W. Family is hitting the highway! We’re heading back hm (Dallas) to visit family and friends and to take the Nexlegacy Basketball team to their first away tournament in Plano! Everyone¬† please wish the hubby and his squad good luck and we hope to bring hm the big one!¬† Hopefully I will still be able to throw a post or two in while away but if not, see u on Monday! I hope im still sane after being with 8 teenage boys, 3 young kids(mine) and 3 unorganized coaches:)