Back to school Prep {Snacks}

School is coming to a start so that means your little bambinos will be ripping and running through the house headed to school, off to football practice, dance and all the other fun and exciting extra curricular activities you enrolled them into. So let’s try to make our lives easier and be prepared for the chaos!

I don’t know about you but my boy’s favorite question is: ” Can I have a snack?” Snack, snack, snack— I swear my youngest son thinks that he is supposed to have at least 6 snacks a day. So to prepare myself for the madness that is about to happen, I decided to rethink the way I organize snacks.

Instead of just piling all the different boxes of snacks in our cabinet:

Picture not taken– It was a HOT mess

I decided to do this:

Individual pre-packed containers for each kid

Limit to 2 snacks per day–14 prepacked snacks ready to grab and go!

I used basket for organizing our refrigerator snacks– fruit, juice and yogurt/pudding

Everything sits nicely in our fridge and is easily accessible to the boys.

Since school is starting in Aug. I decided to go head with our new plan immediately~

So how about you, how do you organize your snacks? Please share, I’m nosey like that :)

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