Boy’s Chore Chart

Everyone knows that boy’s are not the most neatest people in the world— so with me having 3 plus my husband– it’s a must that my boy’s help out around the house.

Here’s how I keep them in order– I made this simple little chore chart using Word ( old school– no need to pull out the high tech programs) :)

This is for my 6 year old– simple and to the point. Their charts  are attached to a clip board and hung next to their landing station. Each day they go through each task and check off once completed. After I do my mama inspection– I then add their beans to their reward jars ( 6 beans for each chore completed)

So how do you do it? Do your little ones have chores– if so– how do you keep track of it?


Laundry labels & weeks recap!

Well this is my first week of my 21 day organization/create challenge and I can say that it’s been a lot harder to stay discipline than what I thought. Having 4 kids,  a husband, a household and still work part-time ( even if it is the family business) is extreme but hey I love it.  So here is a recap of my week’s projects, sorry there will not be a  Saturday, Sunday and Monday post, The family is getting ready to head out on a mini vacation!


Family Chore Chart


Boy's Reward Jars


Old dry erase calendar, clothespins and letter scrapbooking stickers--total cost= $0.00


Friday: Laundry labels

Accessory/laundry labels

Materials: laminated sheets & labels that I made

Stackable laundry baskets from Wal-Mart: 6.00– super easy for the family to pick up and put away clothes and then bring back dirty clothes!

1 Week down— 2 more to go!

Next week I promise better pictures– all of these pics make my house look dark and my projects look dull.

What did you guys do this week? Any projects?

Day 2 {Boy’s Reward Jars}

Yea I know I’m late posting this but family doesn’t have a ‘pause’ button. I had a baseball game and karate class to take the boys to so please excuse my tardiness :)

Well here is one of the easiest and cutest task I had as of yet. I always wanted some type of reward system for the boys but I just couldn’t decide what would be good for all of the different age  groups (11,7 and 5). But luckily while browsing one of my many favorite sites, I stumbled across these cute reward jar labels and decided that these would work great for what I’m trying to do.

Kid Reward Jar Labels by Printables by Amy

My version:


Old glass vases

Chalk board spray paint

Painters tape


‘I’m a good kid’ labels


How to: Sorry I didn’t take photos, but it’s easy

First measure off lines on jar/vases( or whatever you choose)

Spray paint lines on container and let dry

Print out labels from Printables by Amy( only 2.95 for 8)

Apply labels to container with Mod Podge ( oh yea I forget to list that :))

Let dry and then write rewards on measured lines.

Purpose: Discuss with the kiddos about the new reward system, determine how many beans ( or whatever you decide) will be added for good behavior and how many beans will be removed for not so good behavior and then decide what their rewards will be.

Simple as that and I can already see the system working!

So what’s some of your family reward systems? Do you pay with cash or objects?