My new addiction: {Chalkboard paint}

Some people are addicted to cigerates and some are addicted to alcohale but I’m addicted to chalkboard paint! Yes, mamas can have addiction too. Well… hold on…wait!  let me rephrase that, I’m “addicted” to the USE of chalkboard paint.

I love it! If you don’t remember some of my other projects using CBP— let me give you a quick recap of two projects.

See what I’m talking about? Addicted right?

Well just to add to my addiction– I found ANOTHER simple project to do with my CBP.

As some of you know I’m all about list and having a place for everything so I decided to make my older boys this:

A chalboard peg board memo board! Super neat, right? I think so :)

To make I used an old: bullentin board ( really old)

Taped off the edges with painters tape and used

Chalkboard spray paint ( purchased from Hobby Lobby) and painted the entire center of the peg board— let dry and then repeated with a second and third coat.

Let dry over night and then covered the inside with painters tape and painted the trim white using white spray paint.

Time: 30 minutes ( not counting the over night drying)

Cost: ~ 8.00 for 2 cans of Chalkboard paint ( already had white paint)

Purpose: A place for the boys to write out spelling/vocabulary list for week— post (with push pins) any fundraiser, or notes from school or to jot down there sports schedules throughout the year.

The great thing about this board is that it’s seen as soon as the boys come in through the back door from school– so easy access.

Next project: Chalkboard wall  in the boys room


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