Back to school Prep {Snacks}

School is coming to a start so that means your little bambinos will be ripping and running through the house headed to school, off to football practice, dance and all the other fun and exciting extra curricular activities you enrolled them into. So let’s try to make our lives easier and be prepared for the chaos!

I don’t know about you but my boy’s favorite question is: ” Can I have a snack?” Snack, snack, snack— I swear my youngest son thinks that he is supposed to have at least 6 snacks a day. So to prepare myself for the madness that is about to happen, I decided to rethink the way I organize snacks.

Instead of just piling all the different boxes of snacks in our cabinet:

Picture not taken– It was a HOT mess

I decided to do this:

Individual pre-packed containers for each kid

Limit to 2 snacks per day–14 prepacked snacks ready to grab and go!

I used basket for organizing our refrigerator snacks– fruit, juice and yogurt/pudding

Everything sits nicely in our fridge and is easily accessible to the boys.

Since school is starting in Aug. I decided to go head with our new plan immediately~

So how about you, how do you organize your snacks? Please share, I’m nosey like that :)

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21 day Challenge

OK so here’s my 21 day ‘Get my household in shape’ Challenge. I am so anxious to get this started, I’m going to try my best to start/organize things in a way that is maintainable for the ‘W’ household so this won’t be a one time thing that isn’t consistent ( because believe or not– I have a hard time being consistent with everything!)

Ok here we go:

  1. Household command center(consist of chore chart, menu board and mail system)
  2. Label laundry storage and family accessory baskets
  3. Redo/paint laundry room extension
  4. Make curtain for laundry room
  5. Make recipe binder( ladies I’m so embarrassed of my recipe cabinet)
  6. Organize first aid kits( house and car)
  7. Organize Medicine cabinet and label
  8. Organize kitchen drawers and label
  9. Organize/Label craft area
  10. Make Maddie’s closet cover
  11. Clear and organize home office closet for sports closet
  12. Organize household papers
  13. Organize kids school papers ( can’t wait to try this)
  14. Make craft idea binder
  15. Make family emergency kit & folder
  16. Organize car
  17. Organize games and game systems
  18. Shoe storage
  19. Linen storage
  20. Kid’s award jars
  21. Air vents and carpets ( really don’t want to do)

Each day I will link my before and after photos ( and sometimes tutorials) so check back daily– it’s going to be fun!

2 steps from the looney house

I’m loosing my mojo— yea I know that’s an old word but I don’t know how else to describe this. I feel like I’m loosing my mind sometimes, not because I’m crazy, ( well at least I don’t think so) but because I’m so freaking unorganized! I wake up before everyone and go to bed after everyone and still wake up to a mile long ‘to do’ list. Am I really running in place and not going anywhere? Because I’m sweating and I don’t like to sweat. I have to do something quick because the ‘W’ household is out of control and I think the kids are playing the part to fit in the chaos. It’s time to clear some of this smoke and pull the reigns on the wild horse, so for the next 21 days ( that’s about how long it take to break a bad habit) I will be clearing, sorting, painting, and creating a new space and an MAINTAINABLE organized household. So buckle up it’s going to be long and bumpy ride and it’s going to be a process but hey, it’s either this or the crazy house!

Starting Monday there will be a linked page of my 21 to do task and a post everyday showing my process.If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, go ahead and link up with PM to share!