Plan Plan Plan! ( How I spend my Sunday evenings)

If I didn’t plan my week–my whole life would fall apart so every Sunday I spend about two hours sitting in front of RHOA and Desperate Housewives and plan out my blog post ( just started that), weekly menu, make my To Do list and clip/organize my coupons/binder.


planning my coupon trip-- browsing The Krazy Coupon Lady site-

yes– that’s my little M’s sleeping foot :)

clipping and sorting my 20+ inserts from the past weeks

I really shouldn’t let them build up but I do

after clipped and sorted-- then I add to my coupon binder

I love this thing– I take it every time I go to a store– people use to stare but now I see everyone with them

go to The Krazy Coupon Lady for details on how to coupon and how to get your binder set up! ( love  her site)

Then I match whats on KCL and my sales papers and make my store list notice I have an envelope for each store?– it’s easier that way ( but I still take my binder just in case I find another deal)

 After I make my coupon list– I usually start on my weekly menu plan– I go through all my pins of recipes from Pinterest, through my favorite cook books and match ups with whatever sale is going on in the sale papers and make my menu
sorry for all the ugly pics but It was at night and I didn’t feel like editing anything

THEN after planning my menu– I go planning my post for the week

Weekly blog planner

and THEN after finishing that up– go into planning my little K’s school lessons for the next week—- sorry no pics– maybe I’ll do a post sometime next week on our homeschooling schedule :)

So there you have it– our week is planned and ready to go — it took about 3 hours but it’s well worth it considering that we have a crazy busy weekly schedule– but honestly…….. nothing prepares you for everyday life experiences so even though I do all this planning– most of the time– It doesn’t go  as planned :)


What do you do to get ready for your week? Please share :)


Dinner at the W’s House: Aug. 29- Sept. 4

Ok is it just me or does it feel like it was just the beginning of August and now it’s gone? Hmm, these months are just running by us now—- if I could have 26 hours in a day and maybe 8 days a week– I would be great.

Well last week I was telling you about how the food kind of got boring in the W’s House due to my lack of preparation, so this week I decided to “bring it up a notch” ( in my Emerald’s voice) and try out some new goodies by some new food blogs I found.

Here’s what’s for dinner at our casa this week:

Monday: leftovers( Chicken alfredo, broccoli and salad)

Tuesday: Turkey Italian Sausage, mushroom, marinara & ricotta pasta bake by For the Love of Cooking

Wednesday: Chicken & Summer sausage Jambalaya by What we’re eating

Photo Source: What We're Eating

Thursday: Ranch Style Chicken, baked beans and veggies by The Pioneer Woman

Friday: Hubby Delight

Saturday: My Brother’s chicken tacos by The Pioneer Woman

photo source: The Pioneer Woman

Sunday: C.W.’s ( that’s me :)) Beef- tips & rice/gravy with veggies and corn bread

Super excited to tickle my taste buds this week– I L.O.V.E trying out new recipes.

What are you guys eating this week? Something yummy? Leave me a comment and pass on the goodies!

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Dinner at the W’s House

Awww I new week, a new ‘to do’ list and a new plan— yea yea yea, I know each week, we all have fresh attitudes and start out on these well scheduled plans for our ENTIRE week but somwhere in between Monday night and Wednesday morning– that plan flies out the window :) Well here I am again with my menu for this week– hoping that I stick to it. I do most of time but here recently my family has had to suffer and eat tons of pop in the microwave and semi-homemade cooking.

So here’s my menu and let’s pray it goes well :)

Monday: Left-overs ( baked pork chops w/ gravy, brown rice & veggies)

Tuesday: BBQ ribs w/ corn on the cob & a salad

Wednesday: Speghetti & meatballs– garlic bread and ceasar salad

Thursday: Chicken pasta & veggies

Friday: ” Hubby Delight” my favorite day of the week!

So there you have it– nothing special but alot better than last week :)

What are you guys having? I’m always looking for new recipes to try out!


Dinner at the W’s

Ok so we’re back from our little trip to Texas and while I was so excited to see all my family and friends, I am so excited to be back home! Isn’t it funny how that before you leave you always have everything nice and clean and then for some reason after you unload all the bags and crap from the car, your house is back messy? Well that’s how it is at my house anyways. So today is my catchup day– I don’t have to be back at work till tomorrow so today is laundry, unpacking, catch up day! Super exciting right? Uh yea. So I kind of feel sorry for the family this week because mama isn’t doing anything special for dinner. It’s going to be nothing but easy, maybe even frozen dinners this week.  Sorry.

Nothing special but here it is:

Monday: Garlic chicken pasta & salad

Tuesday: BBQ chicken w/ yellow rice & veggies

Wednesday:  Chicken alfredo

Thursday: Taco Night

Friday: Hubby Delight

Saturday: Eating Out

Sunday: Eating Out


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Dinner at the W’s House

Here’s what’s for dinner at the W’s house this week— I tried to keep it simple and light this week because I know Monday ( July 4th) is going to be a day full of eating and drinking!

Monday: Left-over Monday

Tuesday: Parmigiano and Herb chicken tenders topped w/ tomato sauce, served over noodles

Wednesday: BBQ meatballs w/ grated potatoes and veggies

Thursday: Shredded chicken and tomatillo tacos w rice and corn on the cob

Friday: Hubby’s Special ( my handsome husband handles dinner)

Saturday Sloppy Bombay Joe( sloppy joe)

Sunday: Crackle Barrel ( Dine Out) This is only a once a month occasion

Loving my pantry chalkboard menu  board!

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Dinner at the W’s {this week’s menu}

Ok ladies, I’ve received a little feedback about menu planning and ideas so I decided to share with you guys what is on the menu at the W’s house this week.

Monday: { left-over Monday} Always leftovers from Sunday: Meatballs w/ brown gravy, yellow rice, corn on the cob and salad.

Tuesday: Chicken Stir- fry

Wednesday: Chicken Teriyaki ( Time saver:  make up enough chicken for both days on Tuesday and just add the extra ingredients)

Thursday: Jamaican Jerk Pork chops

Friday: Hubby Special– mama’s day off– husband cooks!

Saturday: Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Sunday: Beef tips & Rice

Pretty starchy right– yea I know, that’s how we roll at the W’s. Good thing Mr. W. is a personal trainer or somebody would be a hot mess!

What’s on you guys menu?

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