PM’s 2011 ReWind & some goals for 2012

Bye Bye 2011 and HELLO 2012!— While I’m blessed that I made it through this past year– I’m so happy to start fresh and try some new things this year. This past year has been a huge learning experience for me in many different ways– some of them being my new homeschooling journey with my youngest son Little K. When I 1st moved to Louisiana– I knew that it would be different for my family but one of the biggest things that caught me off guard, was the public school system. They suck!  So I decided to move my two older boys to a different school district  and started to home school my youngest. It’s been a struggle but it’s also one of the best things that I’ve done this past year and I can’t wait till this year to have all three of them homeschooling. 2011 was full of learning experiences, private crying sessions, laughter, and self- reflection. PM has a been a big part of that and I’m so appreciative of all the relationships that I have made through blogging and I can’t wait to continue to build even more relationships.

Any Who –some of my goals for this coming here are:

Blogging more– I will still continue to write about diys, organizing, and parenting but I’m also would like to share more of my party planning tips, fitness and fashion post as well. Stay tuned

Be more proactive and productive: I’m such a slacker but I’m planning to put a stop to that ASAP!

Try new hobbies and projects: I have over 800 pins on Pinterest, two huge binders full of craft inspirations and a zillion projects saved to my computers that I’ve been dying to try. Stay tuned to ( I’m trying that! Tuesdays)

Organize the W household: I’m really good at starting new routines but then I fall off and there goes the entire family

Get more healthy– yea I know it’s cliche for the new year

Build a stronger spiritual bond with the man above: This is my biggest goal– gotta get it together– I feel like I’ve lost a little connection in the past year, that’s not good– I need that and plan to reconnect fully :)

Spend more alone time with kids individually— four kids are a lot but I’ve seen mothers with 6 or 7 kids do it so I can too

Spend more “alone” time with my hubby–if you know what I mean ;)– jk– kind of.

Go to visit family and friends back home more often– I miss them dearly

So what are some of your goals for 2012– please share– you know I want to be know :)

Happy New Years Peeps!



Ok so for some reason today I decided to share with you guys a little about me. I’m really a private person but hey I feel like I know so much about you guys, why not share?

Me In New Orleans

The hubby and I

1. My 1st name is Chene– pronouced ( Shana)

2. I’m originally from the small town of Sweetwater, TX ( no the water isn’t sweet there)

3. I have 4 kids–3 boys ( T(11) D(7) K(5) and a girl M(18months)

4. I’m married to a handsome man (K. Sr.) who is a personal trainer and owner of Nexlegacy Sport Performance

5. I was raised by my lovely grandmother so I’m very old school

6. I have an older sister and younger brother but we were all raised by different people in our family

7. I currently live in LA—- that’s Louisiana not los Angeles  ( I wished)

8. I can’t stand living in LA but I’m trying to make the best of it because my family is here now

9. I work at my husband’s family daycare as the school- age teacher

10. I love kids—but I can’t stand disrespectful kids

11. In school I was made fun of for my big eyes but now I think they’re sexy now :)

12. I’m the biggest procrastinator

13. People thought I was mute when I was younger because I was so shy

14. I’m a clean freak– boarder line OCD

15. Dirty ears make me want to vomit

16. Before I go to bed I have to sweep every floor in the house– nothing can be seen or I can’t sleep

17. I have a problem with keeping my car clean

18. I stress and get overwhelmed easily

19. My favorite color is ( NOW) is green

20.People’s 1st impression of me is that I have an attitude ( I’m just shy)

21.  I have  the gift of reading people :)

22. I rock myself to sleep at night by rocking my right foot— drives my hubby crazy

23. I never wash my make- up off at night

24. If I can describe myself in 2 words they would be: creative and impulsive

25. When I was younger I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher ( that didn’t work out :)) well I guess being a mother is pretty close :)

Well just wanted to share a little bit– I hope you learned a little more about me– if you like you can tell me a little about you too– I love to be in people business  to get to know new peeps!

I guess they do have swag

I really didn’t think that they had it in them. I’ve been here for a year and half and it took me this long to actually find some Nola peeps with swag. I found a couple of people back in August that was on mark, here and here but recently I hit the jack pot. Not only did I find some fashion bloggers here in Louisiana with major swag, I also found a couple of fashion blog networks as well. And what is really getting me hot and bothered is that New Orleans is having a Fashion Week! Ahh Finally! I get to see them bring the flava! I can’t wait….. hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

Check here for all the details and information–