Tutorial {Quick & Easy Fall wreath}

Ok so I’m really back now—- I know I’ve been gone for a long time but little K’s new home-school curriculum requires alot more together time this year. If some of you didn’t know last year I decided to start homeschooling my youngest son– not because I wanted to– (yea I know it’s bad at first) but because Louisiana school system is TERRIBLE! Even though at first I didn’t want to ( partial because I was scare I was going to do it wrong) I am now soooo glad I decided to take that ride! Little K is doing a-ma-zing( in my RZ voice) and I am loving the one on one time we have with each other. It’s something great about being able to actual see how your child learns :) Can’t wait to start my two oldest boys next year! However with the joy of being my son’s teacher, I also now have nooo time for me—In between working out, taking of the family, sports times 3 and working part-time— there’s nothing left. I did make a promise to myself though that I would do better with having my ‘me’ time ( crafting and blogging) starting today. So with that— here’s a little tutorial for ya!

What you need:

Foam Tube ( Lowes:  $0.97)Рawesome idea I saw on Pinterest

Hemp (or yarn)

Felt ( your choice of colors)–7 for each flower

Hot glue gun

Step 1: cut foam tube to desired size and tape ends together to form circle

No pictureРsorry  :)
Step 2: Start hot gluing hemp around tube–

Step 3: Start making flowers

  • Cut 7 of each color using what every size circle you prefer

one is for the backing and other 6 circles are for the petals

Step 4: Fold petal in 1/2 and then make a S shape by folding one corner back and the opposite corner foward

Hot glue each fold down

Step 5: Do 5 more times and then start adding petals to backing

Repeat steps 4 and 5 till you make all 4 flowers and then adhere to wreath with hot glue