Work IT mama { schedule & workout}

My intentions for today was to post my first Work IT mama vlog but of course everything had to go wrong this morning and that didn’t happen.  So in the mean time I’m still going to give you a peek…. well not really a peek but a breakdown on how this mama works IT!

530– Wake up, get dressed and prepare little K’s school work

600- Check emails, prepare blog post and check for any coupon deals ( I can’t miss a deal)

630– Wake my two older boys for school & make breakfast

700– Kiss the boys off to school, wake my husband ( little M & little K) and off to the gym

700-830– Get my sweat on, relieve stress & clear my mind ( work-out)

830–Finish up & drink my Herbalife shake and prepare my herbal tea for the day ( still at the gym)

830-900 — eat breakfast, take vitamins ( maybe I will post later on my vitamin choices)

and start school for little K .

That’s my morning– check out later post for the rest of my day, I know 530 is early but this is the only way that I found that I can get my personal time and get in a workout.

Today’s work-out

Right now I’m trying to get cut so I’m using this work out from Making the Cut by Jillian Michael

Body ball dumbbell presses ( 10 each arm)

dumbbell Flys on body ball w/ Crunch ( set of 15)

Squats ( 50 fast)

Plank ( hold 10 sec)

Side planks w/ inner thigh raise ( set of 10)

Burpies straight from plank ( 10)

Sumo Squats ( set of 50)

This is 3 different circuits with no rest in between exercises

I also do a 1 minute sprint in between each circuit

Believe me this workout is a killer but it gets the job done!

 Work- out days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. I use Wednesday for my rest day and use Saturday for my cardio with the family.

So what about you? Do you workout in the morning or at night and if so what’s your schedule?


It doesn’t have to start in 2012 people!

It doesn’t take much to get healthy– just a little determination and consistancy. I was that conplancent mama back in the day that was ok with still looking somewhat young and wasn’t out of shape but wasn’t in shape and healthy. I was that mama that had one kid that thought I was going to be the coolest chicest mom out there and then got a rude awaking after my fourth child. I was that mama that took care of everyone else but took little care of myself. I was that mama that had a rocking style but now wear the same 7-10 sets of clothes and was ok with it. I was that mama never really watched what she ate because she never really had time to eat. I was that mama that made excuses for everything because excuses were better than admitting that I was getting lazy and conplacent.

But hey things can change, right?

I’m no longer any of those things and am proud that I am taking the first steps to living the life that I deserve!

It all started with this

Herbalife! I know you heard of it but have you tried it?

Herbalife protein shakes and snacks, vitamins and dietary supplements, energy and fitness drinks, skin and hair care products, combined with healthy eating and exercise, can help you lead a healthy, active life.

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Targeted Nutrition

Our Targeted Nutrition products offer a balance of essential nutrients to support heart health, stress management, men’s and women’s health, digestive health and more.

Outer Nutrition

Nourish skin and hair with Herbalife outer nutrition products – your secret to maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance.

Getting the right nutrition is the first step to a better you–believe me,I feel the difference. Check out my Work It tab– to get more information.

10 minutes a day keeps the flab away

So the 4th has passed, so now what? Well for me– I think it’s time for me to get back to my monthly daily workouts. Just like every other woman/ mom, I’m such a lazy butt when it comes to my workouts. We all know that it’s good for us and studies say that it will help us release stress but do we get up and do it? Heck no. Well at least I know I don’t. I feel sooooo good when I DO workout but I just hate leaving the house being around all those ” I just come to the gym to be cute” chicks, so I just stay home ( see it’s their fault not mines). Well see the only bad think about that is that my husband came up with this simple but effective 10 Minute Workout that I can now do at home. Shit why did I marry a personal trainer?  Well ladies, since I’m such a helpful person ;) I decide to pass on the goods and help you get up off your couch too!

So here it is: 10 Minute home workout plan

Nexlegacy Fat Blaster workout it will blast calories and burn fat fast.

 Jump Rope 0-2:00 min

Squat- Push-up with leg Lift 2:00-3:00 min

Squat then do push up.  

Squat –Push-up- 15sec side plank 3:00-4:00 min

Squat then do pushup,  but after completing push-up, shift weight onto your right hand and the outside of your right foot. Rotate body to the right, extending left arm toward ceiling; keep hips lifted. Rotate back to center and repeat on opposite side. Hop feet back to start and jump up; repeat.

Squat-Push-up with Mountain Climbers 4:00-5:00

Squat and the push up. After completing the push-up, hop right foot to the floor just underneath hips. Quickly hop right foot back, extending leg behind you, while bringing left foot forward. Complete 5 hops on each leg, alternating sides. Hop feet back to start, jump up, and repeat.

Jump Rope 5:00-7:00 min

Reverse Lunges 7:00-8:00 min

Crunches 8:00-9:00 min

Stretch/Cool-Down  9:00-10:00 Min

10 minutes– hmmm seems easy— how about we try this for week and see how we feel?

Thanks babe for trying to keep us ladies healthy and around ( even though I know it’s because you guys can’t handle the kids alone :))

Happy Work It Wednesday!

Here’s a little something to inspire you


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