I guess they do have swag

I really didn’t think that they had it in them. I’ve been here for a year and half and it took me this long to actually find some Nola peeps with swag. I found a couple of people back in August that was on mark, here and here but recently I hit the jack pot. Not only did I find some fashion bloggers here in Louisiana with major swag, I also found a couple of fashion blog networks as well. And what is really getting me hot and bothered is that New Orleans is having a Fashion Week! Ahh Finally! I get to see them bring the flava! I can’t wait….. hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

Check here for all the details and information–


Heidi Klum brings a New Balance to mom’s fashion

I would like to say thank you to Heidi Klum for bringing a funky new edge to everyday mom clothes, I call them mom clothes but it’s actually athletic wear. I’m not for sure what gym I would wear them to considering that the price range from 90.00- 150.00 a pop but I would defiantly rock them in the car pool line or on a  Field trip.  I was already a secret BFF with Heidi but  now I might have to get her one of those heart pennants to prove how much I love her for this new collection!

Check it out, isn’t it fabulous?