A treat, sibling love and 81 Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Oh how I love this day– next to Christmas and the Fall season this is my favorite time of the year and guess what? It’s not because I’m married and I’m expecting my husband to buy the chocolates, the bears, the flowers and my favorite perform { hint, just in case ;) } it’s because I love making all the goodie bags and treats for the kids! Yea I’m crazy right? I know– my husband told me that like five times last night while I was stuffing and tying 81 Valentines :)

I planned on doing all handmade Valentines this year for the kids but I made the mistake of taking my boys to the store with me one day and they begged for all the cool looking Valentines and candy so I  gave in. Still with more store-bought stuff than I wanted– I still managed to make them a little special :

and here are my two oldest boys heading to school– you see that purple heart in my oldest hand– that’s a note to his little “friend” ;) He didn’t think that I saw but I did– it just said ” You’re the coolest” with some sticky hearts

and then the two youngest ones: My little M and KJ— KJ is super happy today because I”m letting today be a FREE day from school and he get’s to party and enjoy his day with old daycare/ granny’s house buddies!

and a tasty little treat that I got from It’s a Crafty Life— this was so easy and fun for the kids to do!

What are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day— my lovely husband already surprised me with the new Twilight movie for tonight– can’t wait!