What’s your BFF(Best Fashion Friend)

So yesterday I was thinking about what to wear to work and realized while looking through my closet that I have a pattern going on. I have tons of jeans, horizontal striped shirts and a butt load of jackets, cardigans and blazers.  So I guess my BFF would be outer wear and scarves. When I’m deciding what to wear I always start with my jeans and then comes stripes and jackets. If I want to bring it up a notch, I throw on a fancy scarf  and bold accessories.

So tell me, What’s you’re BFF (Best Fashion Friend)?


I rock nothing but Mom Jeans- so what?

A lot of moms go to the extreme when trying to find the perfect pair of jeans, either they go super tight to wear the kids are shameful to walk with them or they go super old fashion or straight MOM jean that’s it’s just as embarrassing.

So ladies let me break down the 3 most important things to remember when buying jeans:

  1. FIT: Find YOUR cut– every body type has a different cut, so when trying on jeans  take 1 of each cut to try on.
  2. WASH: Not every color or fade will look right on you, if you don’t know which one to choose go with Dark Denim. It looks good on every one plus it helps you look polished and slim ;)
  3. LENGTH: Please no high waters please! If you’re short and petite but thick in the hips, go one size up and head to the tailors. If you’re tall and slim, make sure your jeans hit right on your shoes but are not so long where they are dragging the floor.

My “Mom” jeans are: Forever Skinny dark wash by GAP 1969 collection

Hey who said that you couldn’t be sexy?

What’s your perfect pair?

Heidi Klum brings a New Balance to mom’s fashion

I would like to say thank you to Heidi Klum for bringing a funky new edge to everyday mom clothes, I call them mom clothes but it’s actually athletic wear. I’m not for sure what gym I would wear them to considering that the price range from 90.00- 150.00 a pop but I would defiantly rock them in the car pool line or on a  Field trip.  I was already a secret BFF with Heidi but  now I might have to get her one of those heart pennants to prove how much I love her for this new collection!

Check it out, isn’t it fabulous?