The five W’s of Life {just a little reminder}

With the New Year fast approaching us– it’s good to start out in the right mindset. I seen this on Pinterest( my favorite spot) and just had to share! I might have to duplicate and frame for my office:)

Merry Early Christmas– see you guys on Monday!

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I’m no Betty Crocker, but I try

This weekend was full of baking and sharing special moments with the family. So often throughout the holidays, people forget about what Christmas is all about– so this year I decided to spend less time running around shopping and more time making lasting traditions with the family.

First it started out with little Kendrick’s Picasso Birthday–not a lot of pictures– not enough hands, but know that it was super cute :)

Then it was time to make goodies for Duriel’s class and the kiddos at the daycare. I found these really cute tags over at Organized Christmas and used the following recipe to make a simple treat for each kid.



red & green glitter

Christmas sprinkels

and then it was on to making cookies for the kids teachers (7 total). I’m not a baker so we stuck to the store bought pre-cut cookies and baked away. There was a total of 9 dozen completed but after my husband and kids got to them it was a total of 8 batches.

I know I’m not Betty Crocker but I try:) Now it’s time to package them up and send them on their way.

What did you guys bake or are you make this weekend?

10 Things to do w/ the kiddos during the holiday break

Next Tuesday is the kid’s last day at school so that means for the next two weeks my house will be extra noisy, extra dirty, and the fridge will be extra empty from 4 little sets of hands opening and closing it every five minutes. All of which I love but I also thought it would be a great idea to have some EXTRA fun things for us to do to make this time a little more enjoyable.

So here are 10 things that we will be doing  at the Ws house during the Christmas break

  • Make and send Christmas cards
  • Make a craft together
  • Visit Santa

So what are you guys doing with your little ones?