Dear Stripes, I love you!

Anyone who really knows me–knows that I have two things that I’m known for. One is my love for a cute cardigan and the other is my obsession with strips!

It initially started with clothing but now it has evolved into home decor

Source: via Hailey on Pinterest

Now I just need to figure out which wall I want to strip up– I’m thinking of the main bathroom and the boy’s room.

I will keep you posted!


DIY yarn Valentine’s wreath

Here’s my little Valentine’s day wreath that I made– I love using yarn and felt– another addiction, I guess!

cute, right?

Find the tutorial from my fall wreath here— to get the know how

And just because I’m cool your cool– here’s a couple of other cute ideas



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Plan Plan Plan! ( How I spend my Sunday evenings)

If I didn’t plan my week–my whole life would fall apart so every Sunday I spend about two hours sitting in front of RHOA and Desperate Housewives and plan out my blog post ( just started that), weekly menu, make my To Do list and clip/organize my coupons/binder.


planning my coupon trip-- browsing The Krazy Coupon Lady site-

yes– that’s my little M’s sleeping foot :)

clipping and sorting my 20+ inserts from the past weeks

I really shouldn’t let them build up but I do

after clipped and sorted-- then I add to my coupon binder

I love this thing– I take it every time I go to a store– people use to stare but now I see everyone with them

go to The Krazy Coupon Lady for details on how to coupon and how to get your binder set up! ( love  her site)

Then I match whats on KCL and my sales papers and make my store list notice I have an envelope for each store?– it’s easier that way ( but I still take my binder just in case I find another deal)

 After I make my coupon list– I usually start on my weekly menu plan– I go through all my pins of recipes from Pinterest, through my favorite cook books and match ups with whatever sale is going on in the sale papers and make my menu
sorry for all the ugly pics but It was at night and I didn’t feel like editing anything

THEN after planning my menu– I go planning my post for the week

Weekly blog planner

and THEN after finishing that up– go into planning my little K’s school lessons for the next week—- sorry no pics– maybe I’ll do a post sometime next week on our homeschooling schedule :)

So there you have it– our week is planned and ready to go — it took about 3 hours but it’s well worth it considering that we have a crazy busy weekly schedule– but honestly…….. nothing prepares you for everyday life experiences so even though I do all this planning– most of the time– It doesn’t go  as planned :)


What do you do to get ready for your week? Please share :)

Busy Body Boys {Organizing extra time}

In attempt to get the boys extra time a little more organized– I decided to try to make some kind of  busy bags, boxes or containers.

Here are some great ideas that I’m thinking of:






I really think that this will help for those days when there are no extracurricular activities planned for the evening and the kids need something to do while I cook dinner or even great for unplanned weekends.

I’m thinking that I will TRY the second idea– I love clear bids and labels so I think I can make this work!


2012 Home inspiration goals {change is always good}

Ok so most of you don’t know but my family and myself are originally from Dallas, TX but we now live  in the small town of Hammond, LA— it’s nice ( nothing like what you see on TV about LA) but it’s nothing like the big city lights, traffic jams, and the excitement of meeting new people everyday. Our family moved here because my hubby is from here and decided to move back home to….. uh…. I think it was to help out with the family business but considering that he’s not working at the family business ( I am) I’m not for sure why he moved back.

When we first moved here (two years ago) my husband moved first and then we came later– when he moved, he was offered the option to move back into his childhood home– ( my husband is thirty) so you can only imagine how old the house is.Now to a man, this was a great offer but to a woman– it’s not the same feeling.

While I’m blessed that we had this opportunity to live in this huge house with tons of land for the children to explore on; I am now ready to do a major makeover to the house and bring it out of the 80’s.

So here are my 2012 home goals:

Goal: Lighten up wall color and bring in more warm tones

Goal: Bring in striped walls, paint cabinets and add new light fixtures


Goal: add new lighting and start on family pictures wall

Goals: Lighten up– add strips, new bedding, and sitting area

Goal: Using everything below! LOVE

Goals: repaint walls blueish gray, bring in new colors and new bedding–No more primary colors!

Love the colors


So there you have it— I can’t wait to get started!

Are you doing anything new and fun to your house this year?

Will you be my Valentine? {diy Valentines Inspiration}

Christmas is gone, New Years is gone and now it ‘s time for another one of my favorite holidays!

Valentine’s Day!!

This year I’m skipping the store bought Valentine and being crafty. 4 kids x 3 classes + 1 home school group= 70 Valentines! With no time to waste–I am starting to pull inspiration now and working on them asap!

Here are my picks for each kiddo:

My Oldest: Something simple and easy– and still makes him look cool :)


My middle son: He’s a simple guy-so this is just right for him


My youngest : This will be a good one– then they can use the shovel for our play-dates at the park!


My sweet M: for her play group


I’m hoping to start on these soon– this is just another thing to add to my growing “To Do” list.

What are making for your little ones for Valentine’s? And when are they too old to bring  goodies to their class? If it was up to me, I would continue till High school :)

Mommie I want a snack! {Healthy snack options for kids}

Little K: Mommie can I have a snack?
Mommie: Sure grab it out the snack cabinet.
Middle D: Mom, can I Have a snack?
Mommie: Go ahead D, look in your snack basket.
Big T: Hey mom, I’m getting a snack ok?
Mommie: Ok, T– go ahead.

Am I crazy or do your kids ask for a snack every 5 minutes? I swear 1/2 of our grocery budget goes to their snacks. About three or four months ago– I started my new snack routine which is filling their snack basket with a variety of snacks
and then having fresh fruit, veggies, pudding and juice– already prepackaged and ready in the fridge

This was a great idea but my kids are going through their snacks so fast– I’m starting to run out of snack ideas. I try to keep our household as healthy as I can but my kids are now getting bored with my snack options. So of course I did what any mom would do……  and hit up Pinterest.

Here are some of my favorite:




Now I just need to put together my shopping list together and hit the store. I know the kiddos will love all the new snacks, problem solved (well kind of) Now I need to find a way to stop them from growing :)

PM’s 2011 ReWind & some goals for 2012

Bye Bye 2011 and HELLO 2012!— While I’m blessed that I made it through this past year– I’m so happy to start fresh and try some new things this year. This past year has been a huge learning experience for me in many different ways– some of them being my new homeschooling journey with my youngest son Little K. When I 1st moved to Louisiana– I knew that it would be different for my family but one of the biggest things that caught me off guard, was the public school system. They suck!  So I decided to move my two older boys to a different school district  and started to home school my youngest. It’s been a struggle but it’s also one of the best things that I’ve done this past year and I can’t wait till this year to have all three of them homeschooling. 2011 was full of learning experiences, private crying sessions, laughter, and self- reflection. PM has a been a big part of that and I’m so appreciative of all the relationships that I have made through blogging and I can’t wait to continue to build even more relationships.

Any Who –some of my goals for this coming here are:

Blogging more– I will still continue to write about diys, organizing, and parenting but I’m also would like to share more of my party planning tips, fitness and fashion post as well. Stay tuned

Be more proactive and productive: I’m such a slacker but I’m planning to put a stop to that ASAP!

Try new hobbies and projects: I have over 800 pins on Pinterest, two huge binders full of craft inspirations and a zillion projects saved to my computers that I’ve been dying to try. Stay tuned to ( I’m trying that! Tuesdays)

Organize the W household: I’m really good at starting new routines but then I fall off and there goes the entire family

Get more healthy– yea I know it’s cliche for the new year

Build a stronger spiritual bond with the man above: This is my biggest goal– gotta get it together– I feel like I’ve lost a little connection in the past year, that’s not good– I need that and plan to reconnect fully :)

Spend more alone time with kids individually— four kids are a lot but I’ve seen mothers with 6 or 7 kids do it so I can too

Spend more “alone” time with my hubby–if you know what I mean ;)– jk– kind of.

Go to visit family and friends back home more often– I miss them dearly

So what are some of your goals for 2012– please share– you know I want to be know :)

Happy New Years Peeps!