A treat, sibling love and 81 Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Oh how I love this day– next to Christmas and the Fall season this is my favorite time of the year and guess what? It’s not because I’m married and I’m expecting my husband to buy the chocolates, the bears, the flowers and my favorite perform { hint, just in case ;) } it’s because I love making all the goodie bags and treats for the kids! Yea I’m crazy right? I know– my husband told me that like five times last night while I was stuffing and tying 81 Valentines :)

I planned on doing all handmade Valentines this year for the kids but I made the mistake of taking my boys to the store with me one day and they begged for all the cool looking Valentines and candy so I  gave in. Still with more store-bought stuff than I wanted– I still managed to make them a little special :

and here are my two oldest boys heading to school– you see that purple heart in my oldest hand– that’s a note to his little “friend” ;) He didn’t think that I saw but I did– it just said ” You’re the coolest” with some sticky hearts

and then the two youngest ones: My little M and KJ— KJ is super happy today because I”m letting today be a FREE day from school and he get’s to party and enjoy his day with old daycare/ granny’s house buddies!

and a tasty little treat that I got from It’s a Crafty Life— this was so easy and fun for the kids to do!

What are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day— my lovely husband already surprised me with the new Twilight movie for tonight– can’t wait!


DIY hanging cloud {quick tutorial}

Right now I’m in the process of preparing little M’s Rainbow and Clouds birthday –and you know you can’t have a Rainbow and Clouds party without the clouds, right? So I found this wonderful tutorial on how to make hanging clouds and decided to give it try— super easy and super fast but if you’re ever going to try these  I suggest to limit how much you pull and mess with the Poly-fil— after too much pulling it looses it’s ability to form good clouds :)

Here’s MY little how to: I hope you understand it

sorry about the glare

You like? I popped 6 of these out in like 20 minutes– now I just need to make some bigger ones to go along with her rainbow :)

Weekend crafting [ a guitar, tutu & pretty little Love toppers}

Good morning!!!!! Today is such a great day because it’s another day that I’m here. For some reason I was just overly rejoiced this morning– I say for some reason but I know that reason is because HE woke my family and I up this morning so that we can continue pushing towards HIS purpose for each of us!

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you watch the Superbowl? I kind of did but mostly I was trying to finish up some of my Craft To Do list items. I just finished  spending long hours helping my oldest son with his science fair project and then guess what? My middle son comes home last week with a project that is due— joy another project! So much fun ;) The good thing about this project is that he is only in 2nd grade so it really didn’t evolve much. The assignment was to make an instrument using basic household items– that’s easy, I did this a thousand times when in school—-so this is what we did:

* version of the guitar we did– forgot to take a picture of ours :)

Source: familycrafts.about.com via Chene on Pinterest

Also worked on some of little M’s Rainbow birthday party stuff– here’s here tutu that she’ and wearing– still got to make 8 more solid colored tutus for her girl guest and her birthday shirt— check back all next week on more birthday tutorials

My little M’s birthday tutu

And I also made a couple little quick Valentine cupcake toppers for some customers—

DIY yarn Valentine’s wreath

Here’s my little Valentine’s day wreath that I made– I love using yarn and felt– another addiction, I guess!

cute, right?

Find the tutorial from my fall wreath here— to get the know how

And just because I’m cool your cool– here’s a couple of other cute ideas



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Baby Makin(g) Machine– What I’m makin’ Monday

Let’s Party! {Inspiration for New Year’s w/ the kiddos}

How are you ladies spending your New Year‘s Eve? Well I’m spending mine with my beautiful family like I do every year for the last 6 or 7 years. Yea I have a 12 year but hey I was young then and had a mom as a baby sister for my New Year’s :) I love spending NYE with kids because it’s so cute to see their little eyes trying to stay up for the famous countdown and always having that ONE that just can’t hang.

So are you bringing in the 2012 with the kiddos– why not have a party? Need a little inspiration? Well here’s a little peek at some of my ideas that I pulled from the World Wide Web.

* Loving those Glitter letters– so easy to do and can’t wait to try!

* Now this is too cute– the bright colors of the paper is perfect and the fact everything that this is made with just some scissors, punch, and paper is just exciting! Find the entire party and the details here at Friskars

* Simple but elegant and fun black and white NYE printable party set from The Tomkat Studio— I love this site she is the best and she never disappoints me.  SN: This is a FREEBIE– always a bonus!!!

And then my favorite!!!!

photo via Table Tops for Tots Blog

via Table Tops for Tots

via Table tops for tots

via Table tops and tots

The ladies from The Purple Pug really nailed this partyscape— I love every inch of this party— I swear I started to scream  when I found this. This is super cool and I’m jacking 80%  of these ideas!

So let’s get ready to bring in the 2012– If you decide to have a little party for your little ones– take lots of pics and share!!!

I’m no Betty Crocker, but I try

This weekend was full of baking and sharing special moments with the family. So often throughout the holidays, people forget about what Christmas is all about– so this year I decided to spend less time running around shopping and more time making lasting traditions with the family.

First it started out with little Kendrick’s Picasso Birthday–not a lot of pictures– not enough hands, but know that it was super cute :)

Then it was time to make goodies for Duriel’s class and the kiddos at the daycare. I found these really cute tags over at Organized Christmas and used the following recipe to make a simple treat for each kid.



red & green glitter

Christmas sprinkels

and then it was on to making cookies for the kids teachers (7 total). I’m not a baker so we stuck to the store bought pre-cut cookies and baked away. There was a total of 9 dozen completed but after my husband and kids got to them it was a total of 8 batches.

I know I’m not Betty Crocker but I try:) Now it’s time to package them up and send them on their way.

What did you guys bake or are you make this weekend?

10 Things to do w/ the kiddos during the holiday break

Next Tuesday is the kid’s last day at school so that means for the next two weeks my house will be extra noisy, extra dirty, and the fridge will be extra empty from 4 little sets of hands opening and closing it every five minutes. All of which I love but I also thought it would be a great idea to have some EXTRA fun things for us to do to make this time a little more enjoyable.

So here are 10 things that we will be doing  at the Ws house during the Christmas break

  • Make and send Christmas cards
  • Make a craft together
  • Visit Santa

So what are you guys doing with your little ones?

My $3 camera bag

While its great to have this beautiful camera…its not great looking at the prices for the cute little camera bags to carry them in. So while browsing my favorite spot for inspiration(Pinterest.com) I found this great diy tute by Vanilla and Lace for a super chic camera bag. However in my mind…I’m still thinking of a way to spend a little of nothing on the supplies to make it even better. So I found this extra lunch pail that I had….took out the inside case, measured the long sides and short sides, cut foam for the four sides measured and the cover with leftover  fabric scraps. Voila!

Super easy and super cheap…gotta love it!


Family time & my kid’s landing station

This weekend was full of football, family time, food and fun Halloween treats!

caramel bites

Before slowing cooking 3 hours in the oven

After cooking 3 hours in oven!

tasty treat-- simple cinnamon rolls with orange icing ---

Everything was original black but spray painted white– small buckets: .25 each at Hobby Lobby on sale. KIDS rack 7.00 on sale at Hobby Lobby and magneticdry erase board from another room in the house.

Still would like to add a shoe organizer/ beach underneath and hanging wall files for the kiddos Bring Home folders and papers that need signing.

Tutorial {Quick & Easy Fall wreath}

Ok so I’m really back now—- I know I’ve been gone for a long time but little K’s new home-school curriculum requires alot more together time this year. If some of you didn’t know last year I decided to start homeschooling my youngest son– not because I wanted to– (yea I know it’s bad at first) but because Louisiana school system is TERRIBLE! Even though at first I didn’t want to ( partial because I was scare I was going to do it wrong) I am now soooo glad I decided to take that ride! Little K is doing a-ma-zing( in my RZ voice) and I am loving the one on one time we have with each other. It’s something great about being able to actual see how your child learns :) Can’t wait to start my two oldest boys next year! However with the joy of being my son’s teacher, I also now have nooo time for me—In between working out, taking of the family, sports times 3 and working part-time— there’s nothing left. I did make a promise to myself though that I would do better with having my ‘me’ time ( crafting and blogging) starting today. So with that— here’s a little tutorial for ya!

What you need:

Foam Tube ( Lowes:  $0.97)– awesome idea I saw on Pinterest

Hemp (or yarn)

Felt ( your choice of colors)–7 for each flower

Hot glue gun

Step 1: cut foam tube to desired size and tape ends together to form circle

No picture– sorry  :)
Step 2: Start hot gluing hemp around tube–

Step 3: Start making flowers

  • Cut 7 of each color using what every size circle you prefer

one is for the backing and other 6 circles are for the petals

Step 4: Fold petal in 1/2 and then make a S shape by folding one corner back and the opposite corner foward

Hot glue each fold down

Step 5: Do 5 more times and then start adding petals to backing

Repeat steps 4 and 5 till you make all 4 flowers and then adhere to wreath with hot glue