We’ve Moved!

The day as come—- I’m kind of finished with moving Prototype Mama over to our new spot– so I would love for everyone to go check it out and tell me what you think! I love our new home and I can’t wait to connect and take PM to next level. Although moving was great, there were some downfalls to the transition— one of those being, the lost of pretty much all my readers :( So if you could be so kind to head on over to my new addy and resubscribe—I would REALLY appreciate it! I promise I will love you forever for it :) Thanks to all my bloggy friends and I hope to see you at the new SPOT!



I’m busting out of this joint!


Hi everyone! If you haven’t noticed, I have stop blogging for awhile. I miss talking to you great folks but I’m in the process of moving over to the self-hosted site ( WordPress.org). I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m working through it myself. I was on the verge of hiring someone to all of this but I’m not ready to dish out that kind of money yet.  Prototype Mama isn’t that big but I think it’s best to do all of this now rather than later — don’t ya think?

So please bear with me and when the blog is up and running please pop over to check me out ( I will post a link on here)!


Cross your fingers for me

Say IT Sunday { Week 1}

This is my first week of  Say IT Sunday— Say IT Sunday will be my day to say whatever I please for that day! It may just a little inspirational phrase or it may be  a full on Vent but this is my day to let it OUT!

This Sunday I’m just going to share  a little quote but come back next week because I will be talking about something MAJOR ( in my Rachel Zoe voice)

Source: tumblr.com via Chene on Pinterest

Let’s get focused people!

 Ok first…..Viva el Cinco de Mayo!

Ok now that I got that out the way. I really need you guys help. As some of you may know I’m in the beginning stages of starting something special for me and hopefully something exciting for all you mommies. So what I’m needing is feedback and with me being in a new state and not really knowing anyone here (kind of) I figure all my online buddies/mommies could help me out.

So what better way to get feedback but do a focus group?!


What products or services do you look for to help simplify your busy mommie life? It could be anything from organizing products, party planning services to menu planning options.

Think hard ladies and leave me a comment!

Thanks for being a part of 1 of probably many Prototype Mama focus groups.

Sick and tired of granny

It’s not like I have 600 followers or anything but I just wanted to send out a little post and apologize ( to whoever is reading this…. all 10 of you guys) for my absent. My grandma of a computer is getting sick and not allowing me to upload anything, I have too much to say and show you guys and I can’t because of Miss granny panties here. Oh well you guys will get an ear full when I get her fixed– which is soon I hope. Till then I’m just going to continue peep into you guys life and check out what you’re doing!

Hopefully everything will be ok by Wednesday



Unforgettable: Southern Fashion Bloggers Group Post

Some of my favorite things right now to rock for the Love Day:

  • Penny love Kenny studded heels
  • Kate Spade Glitter Emanuelle clutch
  • P.S. I love you envelope necklace
  • Juicy Couture Love Story Heart and Bow drop earrings
  • Chloe’ Love perfume

And then of course make sure to finish your look off with a fierce red lip!

Thanks to Slow Southern Style for including me in this group post today, make sure to stop by some of this other dolls spots to check out what they put together!

Slow Southern Style

No(LA) More Chains

Miss Malaprop

Southern Belles & Beignets

Odelma Vintage
Trashy Diva

Work With What You’ve Got

Penny Loves Charlie

Style Cakes

Keep It Original!



I guess they do have swag

I really didn’t think that they had it in them. I’ve been here for a year and half and it took me this long to actually find some Nola peeps with swag. I found a couple of people back in August that was on mark, here and here but recently I hit the jack pot. Not only did I find some fashion bloggers here in Louisiana with major swag, I also found a couple of fashion blog networks as well. And what is really getting me hot and bothered is that New Orleans is having a Fashion Week! Ahh Finally! I get to see them bring the flava! I can’t wait….. hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

Check here for all the details and information–