I’m busting out of this joint!


Hi everyone! If you haven’t noticed, I have stop blogging for awhile. I miss talking to you great folks but I’m in the process of moving over to the self-hosted site ( WordPress.org). I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m working through it myself. I was on the verge of hiring someone to all of this but I’m not ready to dish out that kind of money yet.  Prototype Mama isn’t that big but I think it’s best to do all of this now rather than later — don’t ya think?

So please bear with me and when the blog is up and running please pop over to check me out ( I will post a link on here)!


Cross your fingers for me

10 thoughts on “I’m busting out of this joint!

  1. Blogging can easily turn into a full-time profession without being a full-time profession. In Montreal (where I live) the francophones often shout :”Courage!” as a way of encouraging someone or wishing them luck…so…don’t give up, and: COURAGE!

  2. Love that you are doing this… I too am working on doing the same (from Blogger to WordPress… is there any warnings that you can give me or any advice for that matter? Thanks and Blessings to you!

  3. Oh good luck! I am in the process of moving over too! But my move is slow going because my site designer has a job and we have a hard time meeting up to get things figured out. Hopefully I will be able to join you on self hosted soon too!

    Congrats on the move!

  4. Oooh… Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing the new site when it’s ready. Enjoy a blogging break while you’re at it! We all need a day or two to refresh and renew our creative spirit. :-)


  5. I hear all good things about WordPress.org so that’s great you’re moving over there! Congrats. Are you working through tutorials and how is it going?

    • Yea right now I’m just working through the whole move by tutorials and trying to figure it out on my own. It’ fun at times but can be such a headache when you’re a perfectionist like me :)

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