Boy’s Chore Chart

Everyone knows that boy’s are not the most neatest people in the world— so with me having 3 plus my husband– it’s a must that my boy’s help out around the house.

Here’s how I keep them in order– I made this simple little chore chart using Word ( old school– no need to pull out the high tech programs) :)

This is for my 6 year old– simple and to the point. Their charts  are attached to a clip board and hung next to their landing station. Each day they go through each task and check off once completed. After I do my mama inspection– I then add their beans to their reward jars ( 6 beans for each chore completed)

So how do you do it? Do your little ones have chores– if so– how do you keep track of it?


4 thoughts on “Boy’s Chore Chart

  1. That’s a great idea. I just might do that once I start getting my daughter to do chores. I feel she’s still a little too young :)

    Yup, whatever we parents do, we have to be consistent with the way we discipline our kids.

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