Dear Stripes, I love you!

Anyone who really knows me–knows that I have two things that I’m known for. One is my love for a cute cardigan and the other is my obsession with strips!

It initially started with clothing but now it has evolved into home decor

Source: via Hailey on Pinterest

Now I just need to figure out which wall I want to strip up– I’m thinking of the main bathroom and the boy’s room.

I will keep you posted!


15 thoughts on “Dear Stripes, I love you!

  1. I loooooove those striped curtains. I have looked at some similar and they are so expensive. When I get my big girl house I am definitely going to make the investment.

    • Or you can just make them–lol yea i know– it’s easier said than done– maybe I can find or make a tutorial one day for them

  2. I love the black and white stripes in the hallway shown in the first picture – very cool, and makes a feature out of a space in the house that is never really thought of as that – a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Cute! I never really had an appreciation for stripes (except that my husband is fond of button down blue and white striped dress shirts) but you just might be swaying my tastes to the er..striped side of life! :) Love Pinterest and love how great these photos dress up stripes in the home.

    Hope you’re having a blessed day, friend.

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