Plan Plan Plan! ( How I spend my Sunday evenings)

If I didn’t plan my week–my whole life would fall apart so every Sunday I spend about two hours sitting in front of RHOA and Desperate Housewives and plan out my blog post ( just started that), weekly menu, make my To Do list and clip/organize my coupons/binder.


planning my coupon trip-- browsing The Krazy Coupon Lady site-

yes– that’s my little M’s sleeping foot :)

clipping and sorting my 20+ inserts from the past weeks

I really shouldn’t let them build up but I do

after clipped and sorted-- then I add to my coupon binder

I love this thing– I take it every time I go to a store– people use to stare but now I see everyone with them

go to The Krazy Coupon Lady for details on how to coupon and how to get your binder set up! ( love  her site)

Then I match whats on KCL and my sales papers and make my store list notice I have an envelope for each store?– it’s easier that way ( but I still take my binder just in case I find another deal)

 After I make my coupon list– I usually start on my weekly menu plan– I go through all my pins of recipes from Pinterest, through my favorite cook books and match ups with whatever sale is going on in the sale papers and make my menu
sorry for all the ugly pics but It was at night and I didn’t feel like editing anything

THEN after planning my menu– I go planning my post for the week

Weekly blog planner

and THEN after finishing that up– go into planning my little K’s school lessons for the next week—- sorry no pics– maybe I’ll do a post sometime next week on our homeschooling schedule :)

So there you have it– our week is planned and ready to go — it took about 3 hours but it’s well worth it considering that we have a crazy busy weekly schedule– but honestly…….. nothing prepares you for everyday life experiences so even though I do all this planning– most of the time– It doesn’t go  as planned :)


What do you do to get ready for your week? Please share :)


3 thoughts on “Plan Plan Plan! ( How I spend my Sunday evenings)

  1. I am just learning to use my Sundays for planning. So far I try to make sure all of the clothing for the week is ironed and I try to blog for the week and schedule my posts. This has been working really well for me. I normally tend to grocery shop on Fridays so I am working to make sure that I meal plan on Thursdays and clip my coupons. I use to clip coupons but I got so burned out and it took so much time that I stopped, but I think you have encouraged me to pick it back up again!

    • Yea couponing is a long process and I’ve fell off a couple of times but it’ worth it— I still can’t get myself to iron all the kids clothes for the week– I know I need to because it will help with the scramble in the morning but that’s soooo many clothes ( 4 kids!)

      • I’m from the bloggy moms community. I really enjoyed your website. I picked up some good tips and will continue to follow.

        twitter: @yourtotalself

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