2012 Home inspiration goals {change is always good}

Ok so most of you don’t know but my family and myself are originally from Dallas, TX but we now live  in the small town of Hammond, LA— it’s nice ( nothing like what you see on TV about LA) but it’s nothing like the big city lights, traffic jams, and the excitement of meeting new people everyday. Our family moved here because my hubby is from here and decided to move back home to….. uh…. I think it was to help out with the family business but considering that he’s not working at the family business ( I am) I’m not for sure why he moved back.

When we first moved here (two years ago) my husband moved first and then we came later– when he moved, he was offered the option to move back into his childhood home– ( my husband is thirty) so you can only imagine how old the house is.Now to a man, this was a great offer but to a woman– it’s not the same feeling.

While I’m blessed that we had this opportunity to live in this huge house with tons of land for the children to explore on; I am now ready to do a major makeover to the house and bring it out of the 80’s.

So here are my 2012 home goals:

Goal: Lighten up wall color and bring in more warm tones

Goal: Bring in striped walls, paint cabinets and add new light fixtures


Goal: add new lighting and start on family pictures wall

Goals: Lighten up– add strips, new bedding, and sitting area

Goal: Using everything below! LOVE

Goals: repaint walls blueish gray, bring in new colors and new bedding–No more primary colors!

Love the colors


So there you have it— I can’t wait to get started!

Are you doing anything new and fun to your house this year?


8 thoughts on “2012 Home inspiration goals {change is always good}

  1. Looks like TONS of fun!!! i wish I had some money to put into giving my house a makeover. I’d love to finish our basement. And my boys room is still yellow. At one point, it had flowers on the walls (it was a girls room before we moved in here.), so at least those are gone. LOL. It sounds like it will be great fun for you!

    Visiting from Voiceboks

  2. beautiful inspiration! I wish we owned our home so we could decorate like that. As for now, I will just drool over this home decor porn and bide my time. Hope you accomplish everything you want to for your home this year!

  3. You know, instantly I could relate to this post. My husband and I moved (2yrs ago) back to PA from Southern Ca. We are living (for free, so I shouldn’t complain) in an 80+ year old home that his family owns as part of the family business. The walls are covered in the ugliest wallpaper I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The carpet is at least 30 yrs old and is a horrid blue. The house is nice in that the woodwork is amazing and gorgeous and there’s a lot of potential but since we didn’t move in with the idea of staying in this house for very long we haven’t done much to change the way it looks on the inside. Why invest money in something that isn’t really ours and we don’t plan on living in for any longer than necessary? However, it seems we might be here for another year or two as we rebuild (hubby just got a job – yay!) and so I’m thinking it wouldn’t hurt to slap a fresh coat of paint up here or there and perhaps rip up the carpet off the bathroom floor (who carpets the bathroom floor?!). Anyway, I love the photos you’ve posted here. So beautiful. So inspirational. Thanks for sharing and wishing you luck as you begin your remodeling adventures. :)


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