Will you be my Valentine? {diy Valentines Inspiration}

Christmas is gone, New Years is gone and now it ‘s time for another one of my favorite holidays!

Valentine’s Day!!

This year I’m skipping the store bought Valentine and being crafty. 4 kids x 3 classes + 1 home school group= 70 Valentines! With no time to waste–I am starting to pull inspiration now and working on them asap!

Here are my picks for each kiddo:

My Oldest: Something simple and easy– and still makes him look cool :)


My middle son: He’s a simple guy-so this is just right for him


My youngest : This will be a good one– then they can use the shovel for our play-dates at the park!


My sweet M: for her play group


I’m hoping to start on these soon– this is just another thing to add to my growing “To Do” list.

What are making for your little ones for Valentine’s? And when are they too old to bring  goodies to their class? If it was up to me, I would continue till High school :)


One thought on “Will you be my Valentine? {diy Valentines Inspiration}

  1. Those are such cute valentines ideas. But I wonder how much time they would take to make??? I guess some look to be more time intensive than others.

    I’m a new fb follower from the s.m. hop (via personal account so it counts). It would be great if you could stop by my page when you get the chance :) My Baby Sleep Guide


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