Mommie I want a snack! {Healthy snack options for kids}

Little K: Mommie can I have a snack?
Mommie: Sure grab it out the snack cabinet.
Middle D: Mom, can I Have a snack?
Mommie: Go ahead D, look in your snack basket.
Big T: Hey mom, I’m getting a snack ok?
Mommie: Ok, T– go ahead.

Am I crazy or do your kids ask for a snack every 5 minutes? I swear 1/2 of our grocery budget goes to their snacks. About three or four months ago– I started my new snack routine which is filling their snack basket with a variety of snacks
and then having fresh fruit, veggies, pudding and juice– already prepackaged and ready in the fridge

This was a great idea but my kids are going through their snacks so fast– I’m starting to run out of snack ideas. I try to keep our household as healthy as I can but my kids are now getting bored with my snack options. So of course I did what any mom would do……  and hit up Pinterest.

Here are some of my favorite:




Now I just need to put together my shopping list together and hit the store. I know the kiddos will love all the new snacks, problem solved (well kind of) Now I need to find a way to stop them from growing :)


11 thoughts on “Mommie I want a snack! {Healthy snack options for kids}

  1. You know you have an organization addiction when you find yourself drooling over the baskets and labels (and not all of that delicious looking food)!

    Great finds!

    • Melissa you’re not the only one– I just found a local place that sells the cutest and functional snack containers—I have a basket/container for everything!

  2. Are you going to make all those pinterest snacks? Looks like a lot of work to me! Unless you want to be preparing snacks all day! How about feeding them bigger meals so they won’t need so many snacks. Gosh, I am so lucky my son always eats the same couple of snacks, so I don’t have to figure out so many different snacks!

    • NO not all of them but some– I always pre- prepare snacks so it really won’t take long :) We have huge meals three times a day but my boys are just snackers– just like their dad and I plus I like to try new foods with them!

  3. Ooh.. lovely pictures of snacks..what will we do without Pinnterest.. I’m currently thinking more on the lines of making cute bento’s for the how you organised your fridge..mine needs arrangement too!! Visiting from Hodgepodge.

  4. Thanks for stopping by– please share your tips when you organize one– Im thinking of trying that also!

  5. Great ideas! Don’t feel alone… seems like my little Calley (5 years old) is constantly eating. She is not fat. She is quite healthy! She can’t sit still!
    In my findings, I have learned that we should all eat 6 or so small meals throughout the day, as opposed to how I was raised.. 3 huge meals (and I had to eat everything on my adult portioned plate because there were children starving all over the world! ) Yeah, and now forty years later I am redesigning how I eat! LOL!!
    The point I am trying to make is that we are teaching are children to eat all the time, which eventually will end up being 5 to 6 meals per day! SUCCESS!! I just want to make sure that my daughter has healthy eating habits as an adult and a great self image! PS… I thought I was an organized person! What great ideas!

  6. Thanks and that’s one of the main reason why Im so focused on healthy snacking for the kids– I have a little girl as well that’s two but I want her to start now with eating healthy. Thanks for stopping in :)

  7. It does amaze me how much kids like to snack. I love your ideas and I love the way you handle it. I’m a big believer in giving kids some power over their food and this is a great way to do it!! Thanks for sharing! Great pins!! I just started getting into pininterest and now I know what you all have been talking about!! Lol!! Great post!!

  8. the pictures are so tempting! Half of my kids are snackers, like me! That usually means we grab the first thing in sight that is the having healthy snacks( like these) available is a key!! Good luck!

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