PM’s 2011 ReWind & some goals for 2012

Bye Bye 2011 and HELLO 2012!— While I’m blessed that I made it through this past year– I’m so happy to start fresh and try some new things this year. This past year has been a huge learning experience for me in many different ways– some of them being my new homeschooling journey with my youngest son Little K. When I 1st moved to Louisiana– I knew that it would be different for my family but one of the biggest things that caught me off guard, was the public school system. They suck!  So I decided to move my two older boys to a different school district  and started to home school my youngest. It’s been a struggle but it’s also one of the best things that I’ve done this past year and I can’t wait till this year to have all three of them homeschooling. 2011 was full of learning experiences, private crying sessions, laughter, and self- reflection. PM has a been a big part of that and I’m so appreciative of all the relationships that I have made through blogging and I can’t wait to continue to build even more relationships.

Any Who –some of my goals for this coming here are:

Blogging more– I will still continue to write about diys, organizing, and parenting but I’m also would like to share more of my party planning tips, fitness and fashion post as well. Stay tuned

Be more proactive and productive: I’m such a slacker but I’m planning to put a stop to that ASAP!

Try new hobbies and projects: I have over 800 pins on Pinterest, two huge binders full of craft inspirations and a zillion projects saved to my computers that I’ve been dying to try. Stay tuned to ( I’m trying that! Tuesdays)

Organize the W household: I’m really good at starting new routines but then I fall off and there goes the entire family

Get more healthy– yea I know it’s cliche for the new year

Build a stronger spiritual bond with the man above: This is my biggest goal– gotta get it together– I feel like I’ve lost a little connection in the past year, that’s not good– I need that and plan to reconnect fully :)

Spend more alone time with kids individually— four kids are a lot but I’ve seen mothers with 6 or 7 kids do it so I can too

Spend more “alone” time with my hubby–if you know what I mean ;)– jk– kind of.

Go to visit family and friends back home more often– I miss them dearly

So what are some of your goals for 2012– please share– you know I want to be know :)

Happy New Years Peeps!


6 thoughts on “PM’s 2011 ReWind & some goals for 2012

  1. This reminded me that I need to think about some New Years goals! I think I sort of gave up on the idea a long time ago, but it is a good thing to do and I feel like I ought to at least TRY! Like you–I would like to spend more time focusing on things that are bonding and important to my kids….to really strengthen those relationships. I would also like to be more diligent in my prayers and scripture study. There are 500 other things I need to “do”, but that is a good start. Thanks for posting. XO

    ali from VB

  2. I’m revisiting from VoiceBoks. I too am happy to bring on 2012!

    I like that you have learned a lot from your experiences this past year…and now you can move on.

    Nice set of goals for the upcoming year. Good luck. Let me know if you need some support.

  3. I like the cliche of the year.. I think everyone is aiming for that, including myself. Happy new year and may 2012 be a fabulous year for you!

  4. I decided not to resolve this year and I am doing something I am calling 12 in 2012–focusing on 12 core values, one each month. January’s goal is order, so I love your ideas here!

    PS-I am also a Pinterest addict :-)

  5. Love the post! I think I like the cliche goal best, spend too much time blogging and not enough time cleaning my house! Nice to see someone made goals. I made my resolution to procrastinate less and have already procrastinated on making my goals.
    Stopping by from VB!

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