Let’s Party! {Inspiration for New Year’s w/ the kiddos}

How are you ladies spending your New Year‘s Eve? Well I’m spending mine with my beautiful family like I do every year for the last 6 or 7 years. Yea I have a 12 year but hey I was young then and had a mom as a baby sister for my New Year’s :) I love spending NYE with kids because it’s so cute to see their little eyes trying to stay up for the famous countdown and always having that ONE that just can’t hang.

So are you bringing in the 2012 with the kiddos– why not have a party? Need a little inspiration? Well here’s a little peek at some of my ideas that I pulled from the World Wide Web.

* Loving those Glitter letters– so easy to do and can’t wait to try!

* Now this is too cute– the bright colors of the paper is perfect and the fact everything that this is made with just some scissors, punch, and paper is just exciting! Find the entire party and the details here at Friskars

* Simple but elegant and fun black and white NYE printable party set from The Tomkat Studio— I love this site she is the best and she never disappoints me.  SN: This is a FREEBIE– always a bonus!!!

And then my favorite!!!!

photo via Table Tops for Tots Blog

via Table Tops for Tots

via Table tops for tots

via Table tops and tots

The ladies from The Purple Pug really nailed this partyscape— I love every inch of this party— I swear I started to scream  when I found this. This is super cool and I’m jacking 80%  of these ideas!

So let’s get ready to bring in the 2012– If you decide to have a little party for your little ones– take lots of pics and share!!!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Party! {Inspiration for New Year’s w/ the kiddos}

  1. VERY nice! Thank you for sharing. I have shared this site with my friends with hopes that it inspires them with their children My children are young adults and this reminded me of some fun things we did over the years. Now that they are older, our activities have changed so I hope everyone relishes the time with their children and celebrates these moments. They grow up far too fast. Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!

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