Family time & my kid’s landing station

This weekend was full of football, family time, food and fun Halloween treats!

caramel bites

Before slowing cooking 3 hours in the oven

After cooking 3 hours in oven!

tasty treat-- simple cinnamon rolls with orange icing ---

Everything was original black but spray painted white– small buckets: .25 each at Hobby Lobby on sale. KIDS rack 7.00 on sale at Hobby Lobby and magneticdry erase board from another room in the house.

Still would like to add a shoe organizer/ beach underneath and hanging wall files for the kiddos Bring Home folders and papers that need signing.


5 thoughts on “Family time & my kid’s landing station

  1. What a great organization idea! Clean looking, and it looks like fun too. I’ll have to come up with something like that for my house :-)

  2. WOW; I LOVE all the food pictures! They leave my mouth watering! I want to try those! Do you have recipes posted for each of those food items??

    And WOW; I LOVE that landing station! I need to create one in my home too!

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