Dinner at the W’s House: Aug. 29- Sept. 4

Ok is it just me or does it feel like it was just the beginning of August and now it’s gone? Hmm, these months are just running by us now—- if I could have 26 hours in a day and maybe 8 days a week– I would be great.

Well last week I was telling you about how the food kind of got boring in the W’s House due to my lack of preparation, so this week I decided to “bring it up a notch” ( in my Emerald’s voice) and try out some new goodies by some new food blogs I found.

Here’s what’s for dinner at our casa this week:

Monday: leftovers( Chicken alfredo, broccoli and salad)

Tuesday: Turkey Italian Sausage, mushroom, marinara & ricotta pasta bake by For the Love of Cooking

Wednesday: Chicken & Summer sausage Jambalaya by What we’re eating

Photo Source: What We're Eating

Thursday: Ranch Style Chicken, baked beans and veggies by The Pioneer Woman

Friday: Hubby Delight

Saturday: My Brother’s chicken tacos by The Pioneer Woman

photo source: The Pioneer Woman

Sunday: C.W.’s ( that’s me :)) Beef- tips & rice/gravy with veggies and corn bread

Super excited to tickle my taste buds this week– I L.O.V.E trying out new recipes.

What are you guys eating this week? Something yummy? Leave me a comment and pass on the goodies!

Linked up with Menu Plan Monday @ orgjunkie.com 


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