Dinner at the W’s House

Awww I new week, a new ‘to do’ list and a new plan— yea yea yea, I know each week, we all have fresh attitudes and start out on these well scheduled plans for our ENTIRE week but somwhere in between Monday night and Wednesday morning– that plan flies out the window :) Well here I am again with my menu for this week– hoping that I stick to it. I do most of time but here recently my family has had to suffer and eat tons of pop in the microwave and semi-homemade cooking.

So here’s my menu and let’s pray it goes well :)

Monday: Left-overs ( baked pork chops w/ gravy, brown rice & veggies)

Tuesday: BBQ ribs w/ corn on the cob & a salad

Wednesday: Speghetti & meatballs– garlic bread and ceasar salad

Thursday: Chicken pasta & veggies

Friday: ” Hubby Delight” my favorite day of the week!

So there you have it– nothing special but alot better than last week :)

What are you guys having? I’m always looking for new recipes to try out!



One thought on “Dinner at the W’s House

  1. I love that you plan your meals. I have a food blog and I never plan it out ahead. Then I kick myself as I am always missing ingredients. Maybe once the kids go back to school I can start planning again. BBQ ribs and corn sounds so good about now.

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