Come on baby light my fire

Ok I wasn’t expected this, sorry I didn’t prepare a speech (lol)– 1st I want to thank my fellow cool mama blogger Smile and Mama with me for giving me this wonderful award!  Yes, little old Prototype Mama has won the Blog on Fire Award! Can you believe it? Well I can… I’m cool like that–JK but I’m glad she thinks I am :)

So ecstatic to receive my 1st blog award— blogging is new to me so this is cool beans!!

First things first– let me share 7 things about Prototype Mama that you might not know and then I’m going to fan the flames over to 10 other bloggers that are hot like fire!

1. When I was younger ( teen years) I once woke up in a cow’s pasture next to a pile of sh*t and a cow’s butt in my face– till this day still don’t know what happen that night ;)

2. When I was younger– I so wanted to be the” cool kid” and tried to steal some Now & Laters from a store but got caught and ended up working there for 2 weeks for punishment ( so thankful for that nice store owner)

3. I too, like Smile and Mama with Me,have an obsession with magazines–  my drug of choice is Lucky Magazine— mmm I love those little stickies– I think this is my budget buster!

4. I am a reality TV junkie as well– I might not have the time to watch them at their scheduled times but I record all the shows ( Basketball Wives, Single Ladies, All the RHouswives shows, Flipping Out, Mob Wives, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore…. All of them– if it’s somewhat reality.. I’m watching it!

5. I’m a huge procrastinator and dreamer— I think  of a lot of cool and exciting things but most of them I never follow through with ( yea I know I’m crazy) I’m working on it

6. I’m as clumsy has they get— I feel so sorry for my oldest son because unfortunately he inherited mama’s genes

7. I once was really shy until I started having kids– you have no choice but to talk with kids running through your house!

Now let’s check out some other ladies that are keeping funky :) ( that’s my favorite saying–sorry :)

1. Mimi @ Lipgloss & Binky

2. Cherry@ Domestic Cherry

3. Jenn@ Misadventures in Motherhood

4. Sandra @ Absolutely Narcissism

5. Christa @ Young & Restless

6. Jennifer @ Imitation by Design

7.Miriam @ Product Junkie Mama

8. Kathy@ My Dishwasher’s Possessed!

9.Charlotte &  Ella@Finch Found

10. Courtney & Betina @ Mommy LaDy Club

All of these ladies have something hot to offer– rather it be humor, beautiful pics, wonderful tips and advice or greatly written post– so let’s go and spread the love!


4 thoughts on “Come on baby light my fire

  1. Thank you, thank you…you’re far too kind!!! I really appreciate it. FYI. I got an email from UK Style today. Expect your present in the mail within the next two weeks!!

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