Back to school Prep {Snacks}

School is coming to a start so that means your little bambinos will be ripping and running through the house headed to school, off to football practice, dance and all the other fun and exciting extra curricular activities you enrolled them into. So let’s try to make our lives easier and be prepared for the chaos!

I don’t know about you but my boy’s favorite question is: ” Can I have a snack?” Snack, snack, snack— I swear my youngest son thinks that he is supposed to have at least 6 snacks a day. So to prepare myself for the madness that is about to happen, I decided to rethink the way I organize snacks.

Instead of just piling all the different boxes of snacks in our cabinet:

Picture not taken– It was a HOT mess

I decided to do this:

Individual pre-packed containers for each kid

Limit to 2 snacks per day–14 prepacked snacks ready to grab and go!

I used basket for organizing our refrigerator snacks– fruit, juice and yogurt/pudding

Everything sits nicely in our fridge and is easily accessible to the boys.

Since school is starting in Aug. I decided to go head with our new plan immediately~

So how about you, how do you organize your snacks? Please share, I’m nosey like that :)

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9 thoughts on “Back to school Prep {Snacks}

  1. Hey!! Congrats on winning. Email me your size when you get a chance.
    I love your organizational tips. I am getting our schedule together for the school. I have two weeks before it gets down right crazy. This is so neat. I would never have thought. I just recently saw some similar bins at Dollar Tree. I am on a mission to get organized. You inspire me!!

  2. Wow very organized. I only have 1 and she is a teen so I don’t need to worry about that but it is a great idea so they know what they can have or not have. When my nephew lived with us and both kids were younger I had this jar like a cookie jar and thats where I put the snacks like granola bars and things like that they could pick something out that they wanted =)

    Visiting from voiceBoks! =)

  3. I’m following you back, thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh goodness, my son is always saying “snack, snack, snack!”, too. This is such a great idea! Love it.

  4. You are so incredibly organized! Feeling a little fridge envy! Organizing my overflowing pantry is pretty high up on my to do list right now. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving a nice note. I am now following you FB & Twitter!

  5. OMG you are so organized! I love it! I end up grabbing whatever I can find the day before for a snack. I am going to definitely consider getting tips from you this time around. Here in NYC school starts in September so I still have quite a bit more time to go and get organized. Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from Voiceboks feel free to check me out at and

  6. Good ideas! I’ve been homeschooling my kids their whole lives (oldest is 14), and this school year will be the first ever that I will enroll them in school! Wow? Yep. (Long story!) Just wondering what type of snacks are good for kids to take to school? Any suggestions? Thanks! PS –I think you deserved that blogs on fire award! Good for you!

  7. My kids could eat all day long. I’m hungry. I need a snack. What can I eat? It’s like living with raccoons – they’d scrounge food out of the garbage if I let them. (To be clear – my kids are well fed, with lots of healthy food at breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2-3 healthy snacks a day.) I’m afraid they’d go through that bin in an afternoon! I have to keep the snacks under lock & key!

    Following from VoiceBoks!


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