Ok so for some reason today I decided to share with you guys a little about me. I’m really a private person but hey I feel like I know so much about you guys, why not share?

Me In New Orleans

The hubby and I

1. My 1st name is Chene– pronouced ( Shana)

2. I’m originally from the small town of Sweetwater, TX ( no the water isn’t sweet there)

3. I have 4 kids–3 boys ( T(11) D(7) K(5) and a girl M(18months)

4. I’m married to a handsome man (K. Sr.) who is a personal trainer and owner of Nexlegacy Sport Performance

5. I was raised by my lovely grandmother so I’m very old school

6. I have an older sister and younger brother but we were all raised by different people in our family

7. I currently live in LA—- that’s Louisiana not los Angeles  ( I wished)

8. I can’t stand living in LA but I’m trying to make the best of it because my family is here now

9. I work at my husband’s family daycare as the school- age teacher

10. I love kids—but I can’t stand disrespectful kids

11. In school I was made fun of for my big eyes but now I think they’re sexy now :)

12. I’m the biggest procrastinator

13. People thought I was mute when I was younger because I was so shy

14. I’m a clean freak– boarder line OCD

15. Dirty ears make me want to vomit

16. Before I go to bed I have to sweep every floor in the house– nothing can be seen or I can’t sleep

17. I have a problem with keeping my car clean

18. I stress and get overwhelmed easily

19. My favorite color is ( NOW) is green

20.People’s 1st impression of me is that I have an attitude ( I’m just shy)

21.  I have  the gift of reading people :)

22. I rock myself to sleep at night by rocking my right foot— drives my hubby crazy

23. I never wash my make- up off at night

24. If I can describe myself in 2 words they would be: creative and impulsive

25. When I was younger I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher ( that didn’t work out :)) well I guess being a mother is pretty close :)

Well just wanted to share a little bit– I hope you learned a little more about me– if you like you can tell me a little about you too– I love to be in people business  to get to know new peeps!


22 thoughts on “Me EXPOSED

    • Thanks for stopping by Rachel– glad you enjoy– gotta come check you out as well— I love coupons!!!!!!!

  1. If you ever find yourself in NY and want to compulsively clean a house, come on over!!! Lol!! I can remember my mother always sweeping and mopping floors, unfortunately the gene skipped a generation!!! Lol!! I always like to find out about the women behind the blogs I love!!! Have a great weekend!!

    Kathy via VoiceBoks

  2. Hi Mama! I love your name. I also have 3 boys and a girl, with the youngest being the girl. I’m from Texas and I know EXACTLY where Sweetwater is and I know the water isn’t sweet, but the small town feel of it is indeed sweet.

    Following you now and sending out love from vB.


  3. I WISH I was a neat freak. The fact that I am not drives me crazy. I try, I really do. I just don’t think its in my DNA. My car…OMG. I am going to do a blog post about that soon. You inspired me a few weeks ago with your series. I need to get some stuff in order before school starts back. It just has to happen!

  4. great blog. I really love your posts. I am also your newest follower!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! and i plan on putting those little drawstring backpacks on etsy so when I do I will definitely post it up.

  5. I can so relate to the shy part! Even to this day it is a struggle =/ And isn’t it funny that instead of thinking maybe she/he is shy it’s immediately they are a snob, or have an attitude? Never did understand that =/

  6. I am the opposite of shy– loud, opinionated, and showy. My husband is shy, so I guess opposites do attract. Thanks for sharing a little about you. I enjoyed reading your entry. I see that this blog is new. It looks like it will be a great source for me to improve my already neurotic org skills. God help my hubby and kids. LOL!

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