I’m trying to get Coco fine

Just kidding, I think Coco is a cool chic and all but this is just a little too much for me. However what female doesn’t want a nice little package in her best fitted jeans?  So I asked my handsome husband over at Nexlegacy Sports Performance to help us ladies out since he is certified in rebuilding booties :) and since I’m all about time, I asked him to give us 1 move that will help tone our tush and give us our Summer sexy legs all in one.

So this is what he had to say:

When it comes to losing weight, getting fit, and getting your sexy back, how hard you work is crucial…you have to push yourself past the old comfort zone if you really want to see results. That doesn’t mean you work yourself to the point of no return during every workout, but it does mean finding ways to work harder and smarter – getting your heart rate up to 75% to 85% of your max heart rate for short periods of time can help you burn more calories and build endurance so your other workouts feel a little easier.

There’s one exercise that does a great job of getting your heart rate up and get you on the way to the legs and butt you desire without any impact:

Squat with Back kicks:

This move is deceptive – it doesn’t look that hard but, try it for a minute or two and you’ll really feel it. Add this move throughout your usual workout, doing it for a minute at a time (adjust the time to fit your fitness level) to add a little intensity.


  • Stand with feet together and fists up
  • Bring the right leg back and lift with full extension of the knee
  • Lower leg and bend knees into a low squat and then stand and kick with left leg
  • (Kick, Squat, Kick,Squat) for 1 or more minutes.

Hmm sound easy right? It is, I just did it and believe me after a minute or two of doing this, you can really feel the burn! So try it out, pass it on and make sure to visit every Wednesday for our Work It Mama post w/ video!

Thanks hubby and make sure to check him out here at Nexlegacy Sport Performance


3 thoughts on “I’m trying to get Coco fine

  1. Lawd, look at that arse. Quietly she is a pretty cool chick. I’ve glanced at the show. She is nothing like I expected. I don’t have any arse. Can you ask Hubby how to make one appear!

  2. lol–yea she is out control with all of that cushion– I just need one cheek to give me a little something! As for the workout for more arse ( as you call it :)) he said eat a lot of grits and then do lunges–I added the eating grits part :)

  3. I agree–better to do something than nothing, and having a routine greatly helps! Sometimes I like to shake it up a bit–workouts a couple times a week, zumba or dance routines a couple days a week, and walking/jogging the rest of the week–don’t want to get bored now!

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