pause. rrrewind.

I swear this world is moving a mile a minute it’s starting to get hard to keep up. I’m already recording all my tv shows throughout the week and watching them on Sunday but now it’s getting even better!

(Oh goodness pray for me), but now there is a site called Rrrewind that allows you to go back in time and check out some of our beloved social media site’s  most popular links! You can not only go back one day, two days, three days but some sites you can go back as far as a year. This is just too much! I love it but I swear I’m going to hate it later. Not because of the content but because I’ve already visited it 3 times just within me typing this post… it’s so damn addictive!

Go check it out— I don’t want to be the only one popping on it all throughout the night like an addict.

Thanks for peeping this out for us!


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