Laundry labels & weeks recap!

Well this is my first week of my 21 day organization/create challenge and I can say that it’s been a lot harder to stay discipline than what I thought. Having 4 kids,  a husband, a household and still work part-time ( even if it is the family business) is extreme but hey I love it.  So here is a recap of my week’s projects, sorry there will not be a  Saturday, Sunday and Monday post, The family is getting ready to head out on a mini vacation!


Family Chore Chart


Boy's Reward Jars


Old dry erase calendar, clothespins and letter scrapbooking stickers--total cost= $0.00


Friday: Laundry labels

Accessory/laundry labels

Materials: laminated sheets & labels that I made

Stackable laundry baskets from Wal-Mart: 6.00– super easy for the family to pick up and put away clothes and then bring back dirty clothes!

1 Week down— 2 more to go!

Next week I promise better pictures– all of these pics make my house look dark and my projects look dull.

What did you guys do this week? Any projects?


2 thoughts on “Laundry labels & weeks recap!

  1. Love this! Love your jars! We do marbles in an old dressed up mason jar! Maybe I should do a post! Love your beans idea! :-D I’m a FREAK about organizing. Maybe I, too, will do a 21 day challenge when I get back from vacay. :-) Found you via BFOL. {love that blog!} Would love for you to come & visit me! :-) I’m a new follower on google. :-)

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