21 day Challenge

OK so here’s my 21 day ‘Get my household in shape’ Challenge. I am so anxious to get this started, I’m going to try my best to start/organize things in a way that is maintainable for the ‘W’ household so this won’t be a one time thing that isn’t consistent ( because believe or not– I have a hard time being consistent with everything!)

Ok here we go:

  1. Household command center(consist of chore chart, menu board and mail system)
  2. Label laundry storage and family accessory baskets
  3. Redo/paint laundry room extension
  4. Make curtain for laundry room
  5. Make recipe binder( ladies I’m so embarrassed of my recipe cabinet)
  6. Organize first aid kits( house and car)
  7. Organize Medicine cabinet and label
  8. Organize kitchen drawers and label
  9. Organize/Label craft area
  10. Make Maddie’s closet cover
  11. Clear and organize home office closet for sports closet
  12. Organize household papers
  13. Organize kids school papers ( can’t wait to try this)
  14. Make craft idea binder
  15. Make family emergency kit & folder
  16. Organize car
  17. Organize games and game systems
  18. Shoe storage
  19. Linen storage
  20. Kid’s award jars
  21. Air vents and carpets ( really don’t want to do)

Each day I will link my before and after photos ( and sometimes tutorials) so check back daily– it’s going to be fun!


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