Let’s get focused people!

 Ok first…..Viva el Cinco de Mayo!

Ok now that I got that out the way. I really need you guys help. As some of you may know I’m in the beginning stages of starting something special for me and hopefully something exciting for all you mommies. So what I’m needing is feedback and with me being in a new state and not really knowing anyone here (kind of) I figure all my online buddies/mommies could help me out.

So what better way to get feedback but do a focus group?!


What products or services do you look for to help simplify your busy mommie life? It could be anything from organizing products, party planning services to menu planning options.

Think hard ladies and leave me a comment!

Thanks for being a part of 1 of probably many Prototype Mama focus groups.


One thought on “Let’s get focused people!

  1. MENU PLANNING!! I have the hardest time deciding what’s for dinner and my failure to do so adds more work to my week. I normally visit the store at least four times a week in search of dinner. A meal plan would be a tremendous help for me.

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