Instant Replay: Busy Body Baby

Ok another long week has passed(somewhat)— this week has been one of slowest out of control weeks in a while. My little M. is officially a toddler and has become a busy body baby! She has rocked my already chaotic world this week with her demanding personality. Today while TRYING to express myself to my hubby about how much she is getting into everything– the only thing that he could say was’ Remember you couldn’t wait to have your little girl’ — like telling me, ‘ this is your fault not mine’. Did he forget how we make babies now a days? Really?  The truth of the matter is, is that our little M. has gotten daddy and mommie wrapped around her little chunky finger and isn’t letting go for a lonnnnng time.

In addition to Miss M. being her ‘new’ self I also had all three of my boys running through the house due to spring break. Aww isn’t that great?! ;) Don’t get me wrong I love my kids dearly but Mama is tired, for some reason they were on some other stuff this week. I will  be so glad to see Monday come for my 2 oldest to go back to school and for me to able to home school ( quietly) my youngest boy. Isn’t it crazy how you never know how much you’re on a routine untill you realize your off it? On another note, I did get a lot of business work done. If you didn’t know by know I’m in the process of trying to start on little business for us mommies. It’s just a little something but hopefully it will be fun and exciting to present to you guys when the time is right.  Just stay posted for the big reveal! Well that’s pretty much all that happened this week, hopefully next week will be a little less chaotic( doubt it).


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