Mommy “me” time

Ah Sunday. It’s the best part of the week, it’s the beginning, it’s the day that there’s  no obligations outside of going to worship and relaxing. I love it!!! I look forward to this day. For on this day it is also my ” Mommy Me Day”! Being a mother of 4 and a husband ;) it is so hard to find time for me. In between going to work part-time, going to work full-time( home duties), helping out with homework, taking to basketball practice, going to football games, going grocery shopping, going to school meetings/functions….ect. ect. it’s nice to have a couple of hours to chill out and show some attention to your self. Today was on of many soon to be regular ‘me’ days in the future. I was able to give myself a mani/pedi, facial, relax in hot bubble bath with the sweet smell of peach floating through the room and shave my much-needed legs :) I loved that 2 hours and I can’t wait for those 2 hours again next Sunday.

Do you ladies have a Mommy Me Day? If so, how do you spend it?



One thought on “Mommy “me” time

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