Mom you look a little pregnant

Just the other day my 11-year-old son, came up to me and said, “Mom you look a little pregnant, I’m just saying”. Hmmm I sat there for a while and then looked down at my stomach and said in my head, “really”?! Ouch that hurt but that’s something that I love about kids, they tell the truth at all times without thinking about how you’re going to react.

So I did  what most moms would do……. looked at the P90x infomercial again……just kidding, I went on a hunt to get the perfect work out routine to prove to my son that mommy ISN’T pregnant….just a little poochie.

Here are some of my favs that I found so far

1.  5 quick and easy exercises  at home for a total body workout by Modern Mom

2. The busy mom’s workout— by Work It Mom!

3. Easy Cardio at home— by Lisa Johnson Fitness

but still with no luck, I haven’t found the right routine for me… I will defiantly keep you posted…. I’m pretty sure it ‘s going to be P90x— it’s kind of stuck in my head now!


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