We’ve Moved!

The day as come—- I’m kind of finished with moving Prototype Mama over to our new spot– so I would love for everyone to go check it out and tell me what you think! I love our new home and I can’t wait to connect and take PM to next level. Although moving was great, there were some downfalls to the transition— one of those being, the lost of pretty much all my readers :( So if you could be so kind to head on over to my new addy and resubscribe—I would REALLY appreciate it! I promise I will love you forever for it :) Thanks to all my bloggy friends and I hope to see you at the new SPOT!


I’m busting out of this joint!


Hi everyone! If you haven’t noticed, I have stop blogging for awhile. I miss talking to you great folks but I’m in the process of moving over to the self-hosted site ( WordPress.org). I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m working through it myself. I was on the verge of hiring someone to all of this but I’m not ready to dish out that kind of money yet.  Prototype Mama isn’t that big but I think it’s best to do all of this now rather than later — don’t ya think?

So please bear with me and when the blog is up and running please pop over to check me out ( I will post a link on here)!


Cross your fingers for me

A treat, sibling love and 81 Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Oh how I love this day– next to Christmas and the Fall season this is my favorite time of the year and guess what? It’s not because I’m married and I’m expecting my husband to buy the chocolates, the bears, the flowers and my favorite perform { hint, just in case ;) } it’s because I love making all the goodie bags and treats for the kids! Yea I’m crazy right? I know– my husband told me that like five times last night while I was stuffing and tying 81 Valentines :)

I planned on doing all handmade Valentines this year for the kids but I made the mistake of taking my boys to the store with me one day and they begged for all the cool looking Valentines and candy so I  gave in. Still with more store-bought stuff than I wanted– I still managed to make them a little special :

and here are my two oldest boys heading to school– you see that purple heart in my oldest hand– that’s a note to his little “friend” ;) He didn’t think that I saw but I did– it just said ” You’re the coolest” with some sticky hearts

and then the two youngest ones: My little M and KJ— KJ is super happy today because I”m letting today be a FREE day from school and he get’s to party and enjoy his day with old daycare/ granny’s house buddies!

and a tasty little treat that I got from It’s a Crafty Life— this was so easy and fun for the kids to do!

What are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day— my lovely husband already surprised me with the new Twilight movie for tonight– can’t wait!

DIY hanging cloud {quick tutorial}

Right now I’m in the process of preparing little M’s Rainbow and Clouds birthday –and you know you can’t have a Rainbow and Clouds party without the clouds, right? So I found this wonderful tutorial on how to make hanging clouds and decided to give it try— super easy and super fast but if you’re ever going to try these  I suggest to limit how much you pull and mess with the Poly-fil— after too much pulling it looses it’s ability to form good clouds :)

Here’s MY little how to: I hope you understand it

sorry about the glare

You like? I popped 6 of these out in like 20 minutes– now I just need to make some bigger ones to go along with her rainbow :)

Weekend crafting [ a guitar, tutu & pretty little Love toppers}

Good morning!!!!! Today is such a great day because it’s another day that I’m here. For some reason I was just overly rejoiced this morning– I say for some reason but I know that reason is because HE woke my family and I up this morning so that we can continue pushing towards HIS purpose for each of us!

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you watch the Superbowl? I kind of did but mostly I was trying to finish up some of my Craft To Do list items. I just finished  spending long hours helping my oldest son with his science fair project and then guess what? My middle son comes home last week with a project that is due— joy another project! So much fun ;) The good thing about this project is that he is only in 2nd grade so it really didn’t evolve much. The assignment was to make an instrument using basic household items– that’s easy, I did this a thousand times when in school—-so this is what we did:

* version of the guitar we did– forgot to take a picture of ours :)

Source: familycrafts.about.com via Chene on Pinterest

Also worked on some of little M’s Rainbow birthday party stuff– here’s here tutu that she’ and wearing– still got to make 8 more solid colored tutus for her girl guest and her birthday shirt— check back all next week on more birthday tutorials

My little M’s birthday tutu

And I also made a couple little quick Valentine cupcake toppers for some customers—

Say IT Sunday { Week 1}

This is my first week of  Say IT Sunday— Say IT Sunday will be my day to say whatever I please for that day! It may just a little inspirational phrase or it may be  a full on Vent but this is my day to let it OUT!

This Sunday I’m just going to share  a little quote but come back next week because I will be talking about something MAJOR ( in my Rachel Zoe voice)

Source: tumblr.com via Chene on Pinterest

Boy’s Chore Chart

Everyone knows that boy’s are not the most neatest people in the world— so with me having 3 plus my husband– it’s a must that my boy’s help out around the house.

Here’s how I keep them in order– I made this simple little chore chart using Word ( old school– no need to pull out the high tech programs) :)

This is for my 6 year old– simple and to the point. Their charts  are attached to a clip board and hung next to their landing station. Each day they go through each task and check off once completed. After I do my mama inspection– I then add their beans to their reward jars ( 6 beans for each chore completed)

So how do you do it? Do your little ones have chores– if so– how do you keep track of it?

Work IT mama { schedule & workout}

My intentions for today was to post my first Work IT mama vlog but of course everything had to go wrong this morning and that didn’t happen.  So in the mean time I’m still going to give you a peek…. well not really a peek but a breakdown on how this mama works IT!

530– Wake up, get dressed and prepare little K’s school work

600- Check emails, prepare blog post and check for any coupon deals ( I can’t miss a deal)

630– Wake my two older boys for school & make breakfast

700– Kiss the boys off to school, wake my husband ( little M & little K) and off to the gym

700-830– Get my sweat on, relieve stress & clear my mind ( work-out)

830–Finish up & drink my Herbalife shake and prepare my herbal tea for the day ( still at the gym)

830-900 — eat breakfast, take vitamins ( maybe I will post later on my vitamin choices)

and start school for little K .

That’s my morning– check out later post for the rest of my day, I know 530 is early but this is the only way that I found that I can get my personal time and get in a workout.

Today’s work-out

Right now I’m trying to get cut so I’m using this work out from Making the Cut by Jillian Michael

Body ball dumbbell presses ( 10 each arm)

dumbbell Flys on body ball w/ Crunch ( set of 15)

Squats ( 50 fast)

Plank ( hold 10 sec)

Side planks w/ inner thigh raise ( set of 10)

Burpies straight from plank ( 10)

Sumo Squats ( set of 50)

This is 3 different circuits with no rest in between exercises

I also do a 1 minute sprint in between each circuit

Believe me this workout is a killer but it gets the job done!

 Work- out days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. I use Wednesday for my rest day and use Saturday for my cardio with the family.

So what about you? Do you workout in the morning or at night and if so what’s your schedule?